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A contract between the client and his/her legal representative shall be established beforehand to determine the hourly wage as well as any relevant administrative costs.


Fees are calculated on an hourly basis, considering the level of urgency and complexity.


Administrative expenses (Xerox copies, typewriting, emails, telephone costs, letters, travel and other associated costs) will be calculated and billed based on a predetermined rate per service.


All fees and expenses will be subject to an additional 21% VAT.


It is the responsibility of the attorney at law to ensure each client receives a detailed list of services provided on a case-by-case basis.


Under certain circumstances and in specific cases, there will be a success fee perceived in addition to the fees mentioned above, provided a mutual agreement is reached beforehand by the client and the attorney-at-law.


All fee requirements payable to third parties (e.g. notary public, translator, etc.) will be indemnified by the client, without any involvement from his/her legal representative.


From the opening of each case and throughout the entire representative process, the attorney at law reserves the right to perceive and request costs and fees in advance.


The attorney at law shall verify each client’s ability to fulfill payment based on their availability of legal insurance.